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  • Dan Lafferty
    These headers are 7 years old and I've ran the hell out of them on 3 different cars! Your stuff works!
  • Mike Ferstl
    Mike, we have been running your header in black for a few years now on our BBC 615. Headers clean up nice after a race weekend, the welds, fitment and product is top drawer. Have run other headers but no one beats your quality and performance. Thanks for an excellent product.
  • CJ Morley
    The new headers Mike Built for my dragster is amazing. He build them ASAP for me. I Told him It was for a nitrous dragster and he built a set of 2-1/2 straight to a 5" collector WOW. they are amazing and night and day difference then my other set. Picked up a solid tenth from my old ones. when I build another bigger motor Mike will be getting another call Great job. Thanks Again.
  • Chris Powers
    I must say the new headers for my 762bbc I got for my top dragster are the nicest and the welds look great the chrome finich is sweet. I have owned several other headers and yours are the best looking and they perform. If anyone is looking for quality look no further FAB SHOP IS KEY
  • Dave H
    Just wanted to say thanks for the tremendous job on the headers.
    You nailed the look I was going for, the bigger pipes and the flared open collectors with just cones should be thunderous not to mention, delightfully illegal! Your expertise and attention to detail is what sold me, but the perfection blows everyone away!
    Hope to be terrorizing a town near you soon, thanks again my friend, Dave H
  • ken long
    i have had 3 headers made for my 3 four cylinder minirod tractor pullers by the fab shop,the best money i have ever spent,very satisfied,would recommend to anyone
  • Jeremiah Johnson
    Thanks again for all the help and support. The car is running great and the headers are awsome. They look so good its almost a crime to run them.

    thanks again,

    Jeremiah Johnson
  • Max Moore
  • Max Moore
    Headers fit Great look awesome, no performance numbers yet as firt race weather was poor
  • Jay Tietz
    I wanted to thank you for the great set of headers that you made for me at the start of the 2010 season. The craftsmanship and completion time was well above industry standards and enabled me to win the 2010 Quick Stick Points Championship for UMTR South. We were able to be in 4 finals, winning 1, and 3 out of the 4 races, and we were on the same dial for 5 rounds of racing.
    This shows the consistency that is built into this product. I highly recommend the Fab Shop.
  • Judson Partridge
    want to thank you for the headers they look great,got my first points win this last season, thanks for the help.

  • Vince Musolino
    Just want to give you a little update on everything. Things have been going good and the headers look awesome as well as deadly consistent. I just recently won the ESTA Safety Park King of the Track race and a Wally award.

    Thank You again,
    Vince Musolino
  • Chuck Martin
    Just a quick note to say thanks and let you know 2 weeks ago I ran five 4.93's with the Borlas and this week I ran nine 4.88's with your headers and won the $3000.00 race. Also, your customer service is second to none and it has been a pleasure doing business with you.

    Thanks, Chuck Martin
  • Jason Dotson
    Tim, I got the headers yesterday and I must say the craftsmanship and detail was unreal. They are the best looking headers I have ever seen. I really love the raw stainless look, I couldn't have built a better set in my dreams. The fact that the tubes were cleaned up with a die grinder inside, has to help flow, also something that all the other headers I have bought never did. Thanks for the best looking headers I have ever seen. Thanks again, I am so glad I went with your headers even though they were not the cheapest they are the best. I can't wait to see them on the dragster.

    Thanks, Jason Dotson
  • Phillip Oakley
    Fab Shop Headers have been some of the best money I have spent. This is a prime example of getting more than you pay for. Your craftsmenship is awesome and they fit like a glove. By the way picking up .04 in the 1/8th doesn't hurt either. I have 2 different style ford headed engines and the performance change in both you could feed in the seat. I want to Thank You for building a superior product for the guys that run something other than Chevrolet Engines. Keep up the great work.

    Phillip Oakley
  • Billy Glidden
    I've spent my life in drag racing. It’s rare in this highly competitive sport that anyone is ever capable of making a leap forward. However, I’ve been fortunate enough to be associated with a company that has made many leaps in the design, performance and manufacturing of racing headers. The Fab Shop works as hard as I do at getting me in the money. The performance that comes from their unique approach to header design is unparalleled. The fit, finish, and appearance are equally phenomenal. And, they are happy to work with me to maximize MY set-up; not just sell me a part number.

    Billy Glidden
  • Todd Lawyer
    The Fab Shop Headers are the best set of headers that have ever been on my Dragster. We run a 533 cid Cobra Jet Ford Dragster. The Fab Shop Headers were about 15 HP better during dyno testing over any other headers we have ran.

    Todd Lawyer