Mike's Fab Shop Header Facts

Why are Mike's Fab Shop Exhaust Headers so much better ?

1. Look where the exhaust header starts. At the head. We custom build our laser-cut flanges so that we can "tip-up" (left picture) the tube so it better follows the curve of the exhaust port.

Others simply take the easy way by welding the tube ninety degrees to the flange (right picture).

2. After allowing the gases to smoothly exit the head, we keep it moving quickly with the best possible seams. We "butt" weld race-weight 18 gauge tubes together (top tube) using a smooth, light, strong, TIG weld. Others swell and sleeve their heavy 14 gauge tubes together then apply a heavy bead of MIG weld.






Bend radius. Whenever possible we use a large, sweeping 6" radius tube to fabricate our headers (outside tube). Again, the so-called competition takes the easy way by utilizing much tighter bends (inside tube), forcing the exhaust gases to be restricted. Just like a car going around a turn; the bigger the turn, the faster you can go. In an attempt to compensate, they recommend huge tube diameters. This helps the volume of air but actually further decreases the velocity.

Because we have combined the three beneficial designs you see above, we can use a smaller tube which contributes to a fourth benefit. Air Velocity. The gases passing through Mike's Fab Shop exhaust headers are so unencumbered by restrictive designs that they exit the collector at higher speeds. You will not see carbon build-up in the intake of an engine running Mike's Fab Shop exhaust headers. You will however, see that car in the winner’s circle!

It is our goal to provide you with adequate information to assist you in making a good decision when purchasing competition exhaust headers.

We ask that you consider all of the factors that go into a competition exhaust header design not just tube diameter.

When asked for a recommendation concerning tube diameter we generally choose a size smaller than commonly used by our mass-produced competitor's.

There are five basic reasons for this:

Downswept Truck Pulling Headers
  1. Header Facts - Radius TubingLarge radius bends move more air at a given diameter and pressure than a tight bend and make more power with a smaller tube. Think Air Speed! Eyesight will prove this to be obvious. You will see in the picture of the bend radii that the bend on the outside tube is bent on a 6" bend radius. The inner tube is bent on a 3 1/2" bend radius. Given equal pressure and equal volume the smoothest bend will offer less restriction. Our dyno testing and customer feedback prove this to be true every time.
  2. Our tubes exit the head properly. Tubes leaving the flange following the angle of the port roof are a huge decrease in restriction. However it is also much harder to work with during construction. We feel this feature is just too important to lose just for the sake of money.
  3. We can actually fit tube. All of the tubes are properly fitted and TIG welded. You will notice each tube in both our dragster and upright truck pulling headers has a maximum of two weld seams. Our headers do not look like they were built at a muffler shop. You will not see the restriction of a tube expanded to fit its own diameter inside itself.
  4. Header Weight. All Mike's Fab Shop competition exhaust headers are built with light 18 gauge mandrel bent tubing. The tube inside a tube adds a lot of weight. Add that up with 14 gauge tube and it is clear to see why our competitor's headers are so heavy.
  5. Size is very important. What RPM is the engine going to be seen in competition? Our headers are designed to maximize the RPM range that you intend to run the engine. A well built header will affect at what RPM maximum HP and Torque occur. We have seen instances in which a peak oversize tube has made more power than a smaller tube at the expense of the rest of the entire test sweep. Remember, it is the average number that counts.

We feel that these five factors combine to make an efficient header that goes down the track faster. Dyno test results and more importantly customer feedback have proven time after time this to be true.

Big Block Chevy Dragster Headers

Each set of headers built by Mike's Fab Shop is truly a competition part. We build each header to be the fastest it can be.

Many Chevy customers have even reported the elimination of the exhaust residue in the intake runners and manifold with our headers.

Please review the dyno results on our home page and check out the customers section as well.

Mike's Fab Shop Headers. The most powerful Exhaust Headers on the planet!