About The Fab Shop

Tim Murphy, the owner of The Fab Shop had 20+ years of experience in Motorsport, Fabrication, and Machining. During these 20+ years he has built parts for nearly every major motorsport in America this includes Winning and Record Holding NHRA Pro-Stock Cars, IRL Cars, World Sports Cars, Championship Winning Pulling Trucks and Tractors, and custom one-of-a-kind Harley parts.

Tim has built a wide variety of components in the motorsports and industrial fields. From custom one-off raw cylinder head castings and billets to simple tanks and sheet metal projects. We are equipped to handle most any motorsport machining or fabricating project. While custom exhaust headers are our primary product we are happy to quote any one-of-a-kind or short-run production project. We take great pride in completing all projects on time and with the best craftsmanship you will see.

After Tim Murphy's untimely death in 2011, his long time partner Mike Harrell took over operations and continued running the business for the Murphy family. In May of 2015, Mike purchased much of the operation from the family and created the new business, Mike's Fab Shop Inc., which carries on the traditions and products of The Fab Shop LLC.

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