Craig Sullivan

Craig Sullivan's 604 cu. in. Thor head Big Block Ford Dragster. On Craig's insistence the first set of headers we built for him had 2 3/8" to 2 1/2" primary's using a Merge Collector Craig provided. We told Craig when we built the first set of headers that based on our experience they were far too big for his application. Craig ran the headers all year and the dragster just seemed lazy. On a bet we built him a new set of 2 1/4" primary tube headers with our Fab Shop Merge Collector on the agreement that if they were not faster he would not have to pay for the new headers. Craig dyno tested this spring with both sets of headers and the smaller newer headers had on average 16 more horsepower on Dennis Woody's dyno. Craig paid us for the new headers.

Our experience is invaluable! We know we can put our experience to work for you to give you the best set of Headers you will ever purchase