Vertical Truck Pulling Headers

Pulling Headers

Vertical Truck Pulling Headers

Vertical Truck Pulling HeadersVertical Truck Pulling HeadersVertical Truck Pulling HeadersVertical Truck Pulling Headers

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We build the finest Truck Tractor Pulling Headers in on the planet! Our pulling headers are purpose-built pulling headers, meaning not left over drag race technology. Our research proves a pulling engine and drag race engine are two separate beast. The main difference is that pulling engines run for so long after peak power. We have had great success working with leading pulling engine builders such as TFS Performance (Tom Tormoehlen) and Steve Schmidt Competition Engines in designing the best pulling header on the market. And nobody does more pulling-directed R&D than The Fab Shop. Our header flange availability is second to none. 4.9, 5.0 B.S. flanges are no problem and no extra money.

Who will you see using The Fab Shop Headers?

National Farm Machinery Show winner Jake Zaring wins with The Fab Shop pulling headers.

So do leading pullers:
Tom Tormoehlen
Randy Kleikamp
Pat Paul
Mike & Charlie Manke
Debbie Sebastian
Dale Bryant
Tom Konopatski
Willie Omps
and many others across the country.

It is our design that sets us apart. Our headers are built with large sweeping bends, no restrictive corners. Proper port to tube angle. Our tubes come off the flange and go up. The port angles go up, so why do you see so many headers built with the tube going down and then back up? We build the most upright headers. This ensures you will get the optimum tube diameter and length for maximum power.

Spread Bore Centers and high end flanges are always in stock to facilitate quick turnaround time at no extra cost.

Our Upright Pulling Headers come standard with slip-on Collectors. Optional upgrade to our "FAST" Merge Collectors are available (Please see options list below for pricing).

Please choose below which Header Options you would like to add to your headers.

Coating Options:

Product Upgrades:

Part No: US-TPH

Price: $1,250.00

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