Small Block Ford Dragster Headers

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Small Block Ford Dragster Headers

Small Block Ford Dragster HeadersSmall Block Ford Dragster HeadersSmall Block Ford Dragster HeadersSmall Block Ford Dragster Headers

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Now Available in Triple Chrome Plated or NitroPlate !

See below for all available header options and coatings.

Pictured with Red background is our NEW SBF Windsor head Dragster Header. We can build these for just about every in-line valve Small Block Ford head and all of the canted valve configurations.

We offer our Small Block Ford Dragster Headers in either a Downswept or Upswept version. Please read below for more information on both versions and choose which version you would like in the options below.

Building the fastest dragster headers is a tough act to follow. We have had many requests for a GOOD Upswept Dragster Header. (currently not shown) We will not build anything less than the best! Just as with our downswepts this header is built with a fresh design. All of the tubes exit the head properly for maximum power! All Big Bends. We can build them for most all domestic V-8 racing engines. Without any tuning the first test indicated an improvement of .04 over our downswept headers. So if you have limited space in the trailer and still want to go fast we have the answer.

The Fab Shop offers the finest Small Block Ford Dragster Header on the planet! Our Dragster Headers come standard with our "FAST" Merge Collectors on sizes 2" and larger. 

The Fab Shop supplies leading Pro-Stock, Comp Eliminator, and the fastest Bracket Racers throughout the country. This is not another "Stock Car" grade header.

Best of all, you're not penalized for running a non-GM. Your new Small Block Ford Headers are the same cost as our GM Headers coated and ready to race.

Like all of our Dragster Headers there no is extra charge for step tube construction or a larger tube diameter.

We build custom headers for all engines at no additional fee.

Please choose below which Header Options you would like to add to your headers.

Custom Header Waiver

Choose Header Finish:

Product Upgrades:


Price: $1,795.00

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