Dragster Zoomies

Dragster Zoomies

Dragster Zoomies

Dragster ZoomiesDragster ZoomiesDragster ZoomiesDragster Zoomies
Dragster ZoomiesDragster Zoomies

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Now Available in Triple Chrome Plated with our NEW Upper Tube Bracket!

See below for all available header options and coatings.

New for 2008 we are very happy to introduce our new double throwdown Dragster Zoomies for blown competition engines. The set pictured is shown with the chrome option. What sets our zoomies apart from the competition is our newly designed 3D Clamp assembly at the top of the tubes. Not only is this the best looking way to integrate the tubes, it is also very rigid. This particular set is shown on a Big Block Chevy head but we also have tooling to fabricate these for all late model Hemi Engines as well.

Our Dragster Zoomies are available in Chrome, Stainless Steel, Ceramic Coating or No Coating (Bare).

For the Fast Supercharged racer we are now offering a high quality Matte Finish or Polished Stainless Steel Finish. These Zoomie Headers are designed to last providing excellent value. We use 16 gauge tube and gussets to ensure durability.

All of our Zoomies are available in a variety of configurations to suit all budgets. This is potentially the last Zoomie you will buy until you change engine combinations.

A note about Stainless Steel: Stainless tube cools slower than mild steel and heats slower than mild steel. This reduces the radical heat cycle the tube sees thus increasing life expectancy. We gusset our tube from the bottom. The bottom section of the tube wall is slightly thinner than the top. This is just part of the bending process regardless of who does the bending which is why we place the gussets where they need to be on the weakest portion of the tube. Why reinforce the strongest and let the weakest go unsupported?

Our new 3-D clamp is a superior design compared to heavy strap/sleeve units. Not only does it look good it also supports better on more surfaces while actually reducing weight. All of our flanges are scalloped as much as can be done without sacrificing sealing integrity. Simply put, not only are our Stainless Steel Zoomies significantly more durable we have accomplished this and still managed to reduce weight in the process.

We have posted contingenncy money in the Pro Top Outlaw group.

We currently offer our Dragster Zoomies for:
Brad Anderson
ICH Legend
Mopar Hemi
Big Block Chevy
All Hemi Fords

We build custom headers for all engines at no additional fee.

Please choose below which Header Options you would like to add to your headers.

Custom Header Waiver

Header Finish:


Price: $1,195.00

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